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Francesca Moura
Happy Earth Month!
Ever since I can remember I always loved the Earth. 

Then I discovered that air pollution made it harder for my lungs to breath with asthma. That's when I realized it was important to take action, to speak up about protecting the environment. 

I became an activist who communicates with Members of Congress and protecting the Earth, like John Lewis who inspired me to have courage and not to be afraid to stand up for what I believe. 

I do research on how pollution and chemicals impact the Earth winning first place in STEM fair see my Youtube video.

​I recruit new friends for fun arts project in my neighborhood about Earth.

I was selected to represent my class in JSWAG to make videos and announcements on how to be sustainable. 

I make Earth related art work and post around my community. 

I design innovative climate science projects like terrariums to learn about the Earth's layers in school. 

I raise funds to buy more recycle bins through bake sales and lemonade stands to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

I adopted an endangered sea turtle who was found nearly dead because of changing temperatures and its impact on Earth. 

I celebrate Earth day everyday by planting my own community garden and keeping a compost in my house.